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What would it cost to remodel your commercial space into what you want? Finding out costs you nothing. Call today for a free estimate.

If you're in business, especially one whose mission is to serve the public, the look and feel of your commercial space matters. If a potential customer sees a poorly laid-out, unkempt or cramped space, that may well be the deciding factor that sends them to a competitor! Keep them inside your walls once they walk through your doors with the help of Brian P.  Johnson Construction Inc. If moving isn't an option, the alternative is remodeling.


We can turn an awkward, uninviting space that turns prospective customers off into a user-friendly, appealing one that turns them on, and turns them into loyal customers.

Appearances do matter. What's the matter with yours?

  -   Independent businesses                      

  -   Corporate franchises

  -   Lobby and waiting room remodeling

  -   Bathroom remodeling

  -   Full-scale office refits

Watch us work while you work

At Brian P.  Johnson Construction Inc. we understand that your business can't come to a stop just because we're remodeling your space. We'll help you formulate a plan that will allow your employees to keep working, while we work our magic on your property!

Commercial remodeling:


-   Waiting area remodeling

-   Meeting rooms

-   Restaurants and More!